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Our experienced DUI attorneys know the ins and outs of the Long Beach area DUI law. If you've been charged with a first time or multiple offense DUI in the Long Beach area, reach out to us for a free consultation.

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Our team of seasoned criminal defense attorneys and former court prosecutors have decades of extensive experience serving the Southern California area with the following types of charges... 


You can lean on our years of experience defending both first time and multiple offense DUI charges in the Los Angeles area. 


If you've been charged with any type of theft crime in or around the Los Angeles area, seek our counsel today. Call our team today for a free case evaluation.


We've handled cases involving emotional abuse, sexual or physical abuse, economic abuse, threats, stalking and cyber stalking.


Sex crime charges can be some of the most fiercely penalized cases. Ensure you are defended properly in the eyes of the law.

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Our firm's decades of experience in the Southern California has garnered the attention of clients, courtrooms, and media outlets across the state. Below are just a few examples.

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