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According to the latest studies, there has been more than 6.3 million car crashes in the US in 2015, leading to property damages, injuries and even death, depending on the severity of the incident. In this context, the resulted number of injured victims was 2.4 million, while that of the fatalities was more than 35,000, which became 37,000 in 2016. This goes to show that having a team of experts to rely on in case of accidents is imperative and this is where Woods Law KC comes in.

A car accident attorney in Kansas City is your best bet in case of an unpredictable event occurring. People tend to think that as long as they remain vigilant and careful in traffic, they should be able to avoid all the unpleasant situations. What they don’t take into account is the fact that, regardless of how typical their behavior is when driving, not all other participants in traffic will mimic it.

As shown by extensive, recurrent researches on the matter, the most common causes of traffic accidents, leading to property damages, benign or aggravated injuries or even death are:

  1. Reckless driving

Speeding, not paying attention to the weather conditions, running stop signs or passing cars at a high rate of speed and not paying attention to the road. This is among the first causes of road crashes, especially with teenage drivers and beginners.

  1. Drunk driving

The combination of alcohol and driving is lethal more often than not. Alcohol consumption reduces the reaction time and blurs vision, rendering the driver unable to control the situation anymore. Around 29 people die in the US every day, because of drunk driving-related accidents, making for approximately 10,000 deaths every year.

  1. Fatigue

Here is another reason for having a car accident attorney in Kansas City. Driver fatigue can have and does have disastrous effects. It is not uncommon to hear about drivers falling asleep behind the wheel and ending up causing a fatal crash, where innocent participants in traffic lose their lives. As you might expect no insurance can cover the value of a human life. But it does include property damages and injuries.

  1. Aggressive driving and tailgating

If you are a driver, you most certainly know about the impact of aggressive behaviors in traffic. Many drivers show impatience, high irritability, and tendencies towards violence, which will cause them to increase the risk of traffic accidents. The same goes for the always-in-a-hurry type of driver, who leaves no distance between them and the car in front. A typical situation in traffic, with often tragic consequences.

With so many risks to care for and with so many incidents both nationwide and across the world, having a car accident attorney in Kansas City has become a must. Only a professional attorney will be able to assess the damages, take care of your interests and make sure you get a proper compensation in return.

We, at Woods Law KC, guarantee professionalism, commitment, and beneficial outcomes as much as possible. With everything in consideration, our passion and the proficiency makes us who we are.

Hire the Best Car Accident Attorney in Kansas City

What makes us the best in comparison with other law firms in the KC region? Our commitment to providing exceptional legal representation begins with a free initial consultation to look closely at your case and determine the best course of action in taking steps to financial compensation. We know there's a lot at stake when choosing an attorney, yet we feel we are the right choice for accident victims seeking damages for injuries and losses due to another party's fault. If you've been injured in an automobile accident, call our office right away.

Don't Forfeit Your Rights to a Settlement

In Missouri, accident victims have a limited amount of time to see a doctor for medical treatment. If you wait to have your injuries treated, you could give up all rights to financial compensation under the law. If you've sustained injuries, are out of work, and have no way of knowing how you will take care of your family after an accident, your best call is to a car accident attorney in Kansas City who can answer your questions. Woods Law KC can help you get your life back on track and handle your case while you recover from the accident.

Waiting can cost you your entire settlement- call Woods Law KC today to find out how we can help secure your financial future.

Car Accident Attorney Kansas City
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Car Accident Attorney Kansas City
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