Roundup Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Lawsuit

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Roundup Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Lawsuit

Make sure a judge sees your Roundup Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma lawsuit with the help of our team from Your Case Worth. You’ve suffered a significant amount of harm due to exposure to Roundup- together we can seek compensation from Monsanto for their failure to inform consumers and refuse to remove their product from shelves across the country. We’ll keep you informed on our website with interesting articles, news stories, and up-to-date information about Roundup lawsuits being seen in the US.

Do I Have a Good Case Against Monsanto?

If you, your spouse, or a family member living or deceased was exposed to Roundup, you could file a case against the manufacturer of Roundup, Monsanto. You may have heard that there was a limited amount of time to file due to the statute of limitations, but the fact is that the law does not apply to Monsanto lawsuits. The federal justice system threw out the statute of limitations in Roundup cases in order for as many victims as possible to have their day in court against the corporate giant. Monsanto is paying out for claims going back as far as 30 years- sometimes even longer.

Why Should I File Now?

Even with no statute of limitations in place, you must file your claim and seek restitution before Monsanto’s massive holdings have been completely liquidated. With judges ruling in favor of consumers in the amount of millions, and in one case, billions, of dollars, the nearly $1 Trillion will not last forever. Join an upcoming class-action Roundup Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma lawsuit by contacting our experts from Your Case Worth. We’ll get your case before a ruling judge to ensure you receive your fair share of an upcoming settlement against Monsanto.

What’s My Next Move?

Speak with our team at Your Case Worth about your Roundup Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma lawsuit to find out the best course of action for compensation. Hiring a general practice or personal injury lawyer might not be the best decision; you need an expert who has experience in Roundup lawsuits. We’re currently putting together a class-action suit that will be heard in a courtroom in the near future, determining the restitution Monsanto will be forced to pay for loss of health and life. Your case should be listed among similar claims.

Submit Your Case Today

You don’t have to wait another day to file your claim against Monsanto. We’ll handle the details, so you won’t have to compile information or medical records. Let Your Case Worth assist you in navigating the complexities of filing a Roundup Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma lawsuit. You could be awarded millions of dollars in compensation for your medical condition or personal suffering caused by exposure to Roundup. There’s no better time to take action than right now while Monsanto still possesses the bulk of their net worth. Find out what your case is worth when you submit the details to us through our website.

Roundup Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Lawsuit