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Our team of attorneys have seen many various types of sex crime cases. Be sure to understand your situation and proceed with experienced legal guidance if you have a sex crime charge on your hands.

Long Beach Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Among the most serious and emotionally-charged crimes you can be charged with or investigated for, sex crimes can carry devastating consequences to your freedoms and liberties, not to mention your reputation. From potential long state prison sentences to lifetime sex offender registration, a sex crime conviction can be life-changing. Therefore, you must consult with a qualified sex crime defense expert the moment you feel you may be investigated for a sex crime or immediately following your release from custody after an arrest. Long Beach criminal defense attorneys Paul Takakjian and Stephen Sitkoff are former special prosecutors in Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office’s Sex Crimes Unit. Their rare insight and experience as former sex crime prosecutors provide them with an unmatched level expertise in this highly specialized area of criminal defense practice. If you are facing sex offense charges in Long Beach Court, call our sex crime defense lawyers today for a free consultation at (562) 606-5117 to learn what you should do next and how our legal team can best prepare your defense.

Sex Crimes Our Law Firm Has Successfully Defended In Long Beach Court

Sex crimes in California can include both felony and misdemeanor offenses. While felony sex offenses are considered much more serious than misdemeanor sex charges, even misdemeanor sexually related crimes, such as Child Annoyance (PC 647.6) and Indecent Exposure (PC 314) can result in lifetime sex offender registration without a felony sex crime conviction. Since 1987, our defense lawyers have successfully defended a multitude of both felony and misdemeanor sex crime cases in Long Beach Court, such as the following:

  • Child Molestation/Lewd Act with a Minor
  • Rape
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Solicitation/Prostitution
  • Pimping & Pandering
  • Lewd Act in Public
  • Arranging a Meeting with a Minor to Commit a Lewd Act
  • Penetration with a Foreign Object
  • Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography
  • Oral Copulation
  • Statutory Rape
  • Sexual Battery
  • Human Trafficking of a Minor

Former Sex Crimes Special Prosecutors

Much like you wouldn’t trust the expertise of a back surgeon to perform a brain surgery, the same rule applies to your legal defense needs. Due to the highly specialized nature of sex crimes defense, you need a defense attorney who is a true expert in the area of sex crimes defense. As former sex crimes prosecutors, Mr. Takakjian and Mr. Sitkoff both possess an invaluable insight into how these cases are investigated by police, as well as how prosecutors attempt to build their cases for trial. Having first-hand experience into the practical application of sex crime investigative procedures and tactics, as well as our familiarity with the role of forensic evidence and experts serves as an immeasurable advantage to our clients.

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The consequences of sex crime conviction on your record can be permanent. Therefore, you must be proactive in order to minimize the consequences or to prepare your defense to prevail in a trial. The Long Beach Criminal Defense at Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP are committed and prepared to fight your legal battle to victory. If you are facing sex crime charges in Long Beach Court or are under investigation out of Long Beach, Signal Hill, Wilmington, San Pedro, or Seal Beach, call our Long Beach office today at (562) 606-5117 for a free confidential consultation to learn how we can help protect your freedom and interests.

If you or a loved one are accused of a sex crime in Long Beach, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. The mere hint of an accusation is enough to ruin an individual's reputation forever and it can lead to long-term negative effects. Our team understands this and our lawyers will do everything in our power to protect you if you have been charged with a sex crime. We have decades of experiencing trying these types of cases and our results speak for themselves.

Child Abuse

According to most state laws, continuous sexual abuse of a child is constituted as sexual acts with a child for a period of 30 or more days (a child being 17 years or younger). This could include aggravated sexual assault or any type of touching that is sexual in nature.

Child Molestation

Molestation, rather than abuse, can be a one-time act of sexual abuse against an individual under the age of 18. This is a first-degree felony.

Child Pornography

This involves any sexually-motivated viewing of an individual under the age of 18 or distributing/manufacturing child pornography. This is listed in further detail in § your state’s Penal Code.

Indecent Exposure

The law calls this general category "public lewdness" and involves the displaying of any part of the genitals that is intended to arouse. This is generally a class B misdemeanor.

Lewd Conduct

This is a broad term that can involve exposing a body part with intent to arouse or who engages in sexual intercourse in a public place.


The selling of sexual services for monetary gain is prostitution and it is illegal in California and all other states except for some areas in Nevada.


This involves sexual acts without the consent of the individual. Often these scenarios are violent because physical force is needed to suppress the victim who is not giving consent.

Sex Offender Registration

Those who are convicted of crimes of a sexual nature are required by the government to register as a sex offender. This can restrict the freedom that these individuals have to live in certain areas and obtain employment.

Sexual Abuse

This type of abuse can be a one-time act or a pattern of sexual torment to an adult or child.

Sexual Assault

This type of assault is sexual in nature and happens without the consent of another individual. Both men and women can become guilty of this crime.


This type of crime, when referring to crimes that are sexual in nature, refers to the displaying of body parts that are sexual in nature in attempts to gain sexual acts from another individual.

Statutory Rape

This type of rape charge doesn't necessarily have to be against the consent of the other individual. However, it involves the sexual acts performed with an individual under the age of consent.

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Our firm understands that not everyone who is accused of a crime is guilty. In many cases involving sex crimes, it is a case of the victim's word against the alleged offender's word. We have a comprehensive understanding of sex crimes as listed in the California state code and can use the law to your advantage. The goal of each criminal defense attorney on our team is to protect your freedom and defend your rights. We are trial lawyers and can take any case to court. Do not let a false accusation or mistake ruin the rest of your life! Contact our team today.