Long Beach Theft Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our firm has decades of experience handling Long Beach area Theft Crimes charges ranging anywhere from petty theft charges to the most serious of theft crimes. Be sure your rights are protected by hiring a legal professional in the Long Beach, California area.

Long Beach Theft Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyers

Theft crimes are a broad category of crimes that range from shoplifting to burglary to robbery. If you have been charged with a theft crime, your first step should be to contact a member of our legal team. We have extensive experience in this area of criminal law and know exactly how to create the most strategic defense plan for you. No matter if you’re facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, we can help in your defense.

Crimes Against Long Beach, California Property

There are two major classifications of theft: grand theft and petty theft. Grand theft (grand larceny in some jurisdictions) is a crime that is a violation/deprivation of another person’s property that exceeds the monetary amount (statutory amount) in your state. Grand theft is a felony, that could also be in accompaniment of another crime such as use of a deadly weapon or aggravated assault. For example, if an individual steals a bicycle from another person’s garage, and that bicycle’s market value was $950 (or above your state’s threshold), then the person who stole the bicycle would be charged with grand theft. Petty theft is any stealing of items or an item that does not exceed $950 (or your state’s threshold). This will be a misdemeanor offense. Riverside CA petty theft lawyer

There are several types of theft crimes in this category. First is shoplifting. This usually refers to taking items from stores without purchasing them. Sometimes this is done by hiding the merchandise and sneaking it out of the store or by the use of other fraudulent means. Another main category of theft crimes is burglary. The definition of burglary actually refers to unauthorized breaking and entering with the purpose of committing a crime. This crime is usually theft, but it could extend to include other crimes such as arson, rape, or a violent crime. Lastly, robbery is a crime that includes some measure of force. It is taking the personal property of another while in their presence either by force or intimidation.

When You Need a Lawyer

If you or a loved one were accused of any type of theft crime, your first step should be to contact an attorney from our team of professionals. A common method of charging individuals with theft is by means of entrapment, which takes place when law enforcement "bait" an item that can be easily stolen and thereby manipulate a situation that otherwise would not have taken place. This may be a valid defense against your allegations. We understand how serious these cases are and will do everything in our power to get your charges reduced or even dropped. Contact us today.